Dermal fillers for cheeks

With age, our once elevated cheeks will begin to sag. With clever use of dermal fillers, you can restore some of this youthful volume to lift the cheek, improve firmness and bring back lost definition.


32 %

of women fear they won’t feel sexy when they age, but you can take steps to look as great as you feel. 

Gravity's pull combined with internal changes to the natural structure and volume of our skin, and lifestyle factors like the sun, reduce our skin's flexibility over time. This eventually leads to sagging. Our cheeks become less defined and start to droop, which gives the face an overall tired and drawn appearance – even if we’re feeling quite the opposite.

As the fat pads in the cheeks begin to slide down, they also create pressure on the nasolabial folds (lines from the outer nostrils to the edge of the smile). This makes the fold more pronounced, which can also contribute to a fatigued appearance.

Where did the volume go?

Over time, our facial structure naturally changes, thanks to reduced bone density and loss of facial fat. Our cheekbones provide less support for the overlaying facial fat, which then begins to move down towards the lower half of the face, creating a droopy, aged look that can impact how we feel about our looks and our confidence. Dermal fillers restore volume, lift and add definition to the cheeks while at the same time replenishing the body's stores of moisture by drawing water into the treated area.

30 %

of women considering dermal fillers would particularly like to target the nasolabial folds. 


Dermal fillers replace the lost volume within the face, redefining contours. The cheeks are given ‘lift’, which will create the natural-looking definition you desire.

If your concern is nasolabial folds, your doctor can tailor the treatment to add volume and smooth out these areas, creating a gentler appearance.

Whether it’s specifically the nasolabial folds that concern you, or a more holistic issue, your practitioner will create a customised treatment plan that brings out the best in your face, while still looking like yourself.

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How long will the treatment take?

Treatments generally take around 30 minutes.

How soon will I see the results?

The improvement from fillers is immediate whereas anti-wrinkle injections usually show results in 1 to 2 days.

How long will the results last?

Fillers last up to 24 months, and anti-wrinkle injections last 3 to 4 months.

Carol, 50

I love my wrinkles (well, half of them).


Dermal fillers help erase lines and wrinkles on your face, while also restoring volume.